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Rabid Ramblings
Dead Ever After 
15th-May-2013 10:18 am
It's been forevs since I've been on. Employment really takes up all the awesome time. So I bore through the failure that was Dead Ever After. I stayed away from the spoilers. It was kind of like that trash guy with no checking account your friends warn you about and you justify your actions by saying, "But he's totes hot guys!" In the end they say 'We told you so!' and you finally realize the fuckery you've been putting up with. Charlaine Harris, this was the literary equivalent of the SATC episode where Berger broke up with Carrie on a post-it note. Anywho here's my initial reaction I posted on FB last night...

"My thoughts on Dead Ever After; I avoided the book spoilers that surfaced before its release but from the reactions I saw, I honestly thought Eric was dead. The book most certainly wasn't the droid we were looking for. Everything was so unrecognizable and incredibly forced. How can you take a skyscraper and turn it into a germ? It was an unfitting end to a literature dynasty that I built many amazing friendships on. These are ppl who fought tooth and nail for these characters. And you know what? Maybe this all came from the possible tremendous regret CH feels for signing off her characters to TB. It must really suck to feel that you've lost all control over your characters. But guess what? It's time to grow some fucking balls. No one forced you to take that money. And you are a writer who's truly and immensely better than this final book. You know this wasn't an ending your fans let alone the Stackhouse Universe for that matter deserved. It was obvious that the series dwindled for some time (mark it at the height of TB fever) but damnit you had a chance for a final and solid curtain call and you tossed it aside. With all due respect if this was really the HEA you had planned all long then it couldve been executed much better. Eric was the milk and honey and you basically finished him as rotten eggs. Sookie Stackhouse was a FUCKING FIERCE AND FEARLESS woman who gave us a sense of empowerment. How could you keep that beautiful creature content in a cage? Pam might as well not even of existed. YOU WROTE ALL THE TRAGEDY, ALL THE LIES AND ALL THE BETRAYAL. Yet Bill is all doodle dandy? This is the message to send to rape victims?! A little cohesion would be nice at the very least. CH we all fought for you when AB underhanded you and TB went off the rails. All we wanted was a proper sendoff and you gave us Dead Ever After. This series and the vamps in it were a highly respected metaphor for the gay community of acceptance. With this ending the vamps might as well of stayed in the coffin."

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