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Rabid Ramblings
Glamour Me 
31st-Aug-2011 07:39 pm
Hello Lovers!!! Along with being True Blood obsessed, I also have a manic devotion to cosmetics! :) So it was definitely amazeballz that True Blood partnered with Tarte Cosmetics for some limited edition products!!! I bought the makeup palette recently and I have to say that I am completely in love with it. So why not do a post on this fangtastic purchase?

The packaging design on this palette is very fun with a red and black corseted design with leather and snakeskin(faux of course) on the top. It opens up to reveal the eyeshadows and a nicely sized mirror. There is also a pull-out drawer labebled 'Open After Dark' which contains a travel-sized eyeshadow primer and mascara and a full-sized eyeliner. (All cruelty-free and formulated without parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate and synthetic fragrance.) The packaging is very sturdy and a magnet keeps the top closed firmly. Take your time opening it.

The palette contains 17 eyeshadows which are covered with a plastic labeling cover that can easily be removed and replaced. The shadows are The Light, Fairy, Dusk, Dawn, Werewolf, Waitress, Nocturnal, Charmer, Glamour Me, Stake, Bayou, Telepath, The True Death, Immortal, Moss, Legend and 'V'.

This is my first time using Tarte eyeshadows; I usually use Urban Decay, a brand I would definitely love to see collaborate with True Blood in the future. However with that being said, I am very satisfied with the Tarte eyeshadows. They are of excellent quality, richly pigmented, easily blendable and with very little fallout. The palette contains both matte and shimmer finishes. I'm not usually big on matte eyeshadows but most of the mattes in this palette really stand out. Especially Stake, which is a matte grey. Some of the mattes have micro-glitter but its very subtle and not overbearing. I am gaga for glitter but its such a shame when it ruins what could've been a very fabulous eyeshadow. If you really want good color payoff from these shadows, use them with a primer. Another standout shade in this palette is The True Death which is a TRUE silver shimmer. However by itself its a bit much. But I found that if you layer it over Stake, its the PERFECT lid color to start off a smokey eye.

These shadows can be applied wet and dry and its best that you apply them by patting rather than sweeping. Its a very good method to prevent fallout. The best thing about this palette in my opinion is that the shadows are grouped together perfectly. The pet peeve that most people have about makeup palettes is that the shades just seem to be thrown together and it makes it hard to choose what shades to wear together. But with the True Blood palette you can definitely see that the time was taken to coordinate the shadows with one another. The jewel-tone shades are in the bottom lefthand corner, the smokey shades are in the bottom righthand corner and the neutrals are at the top. Also it seems that all the shades touching in groups of four look good together. I would suggest the three shades at the very top as highlight colors; Dawn, Fairy, and Dusk. I have yet to use all the shades but my favorites so far are Bayou, Glamour Me and Stake.

As I mentioned before, the 'Open After Dark' pull-out drawer contains a full-sized eyeliner and a travel-sized mascara and eyelid primer. I haven't used the primer yet because I use Urban Decay's Eden Primer Potion on the daily, but I have used the eyeliner and mascara. The eyeliner is very exceptional, some have complained about it but I think its because they used it in the wrong way. The black eyeliner is very soft and glides right on like butter with great staying power. Apply the eyeliner with a a very light hand because I am not kidding about the soft formula. However only use it on your upper lash line, DO NOT apply it on your lower lash line or water line because it'll irritate. Make sure you wind it all way back down when you're finished with it because the tip is prone to breaking off when you take off the cap. I learned this lesson when I was opening it up in a Bertucci's restaurant with much excitement. LOL! The mascara is in black and it lengthens your lashes very nicely but doesn't add any volume so don't expect a dramatic flare. Think Maybelline's Full 'N Soft. The mascara does not smudge or flake at all and its the perfect size to carry around in case you need to touch up during the day.

Another thing that comes with this palette that's very cool is a card that contains four makeup looks created my True Blood makeup artist Brigitte Ellis and instructions on how to do them. There is a picture below with the looks and I'll put the names of the looks with the instructions, starting from top to bottom.

Not Your Average Waitress

-Sweep a soft wash of Duck(Matte Warm Taupe) all over the entire lid.
-Apply Waitress(Sparkling Pink Champagne) in the crease blending upward toward the brow bone.
-Create a wash of smoldering color all around the eye by blending Werewolf(Matte Chocolate) into the outer crease and over lash line.
-Thickly line eys with Tarte For True Blood emphasEyes Aqua-Gel-Liner in Black, sweeping up and out at the outer corners.

Luminous Fairy

-Apply Dawn(Shimmering Gold Dust) all over lids as a base and blend softly into crease then blend Bayou(Shimmering Gold Tan) into the natural crease.
-Tightly line the upper lash line from the inner to outer corner using Tarte For True Blood emphasEyes Aqua-Gel-Liner in Black. Keep the line as thin as possible as you move out.
-Using a smudgher brush, smudge Charmer(Sparkling Burnt Copper) into the upper lash line.

Vampy Vixen

-Using a shadow brush, softly apply The True Death(Sparkling Silver) up to the crease of the lid for an iridescent wash of color. Blend shadow into the crease.
-For intense definition, apply Tarte For True Blood emphasEyes Aqua-Gel-Liner in Black on the upper lash line.
-To add depth to the outline of the eye, smudge Glamour Me(Sparkling Deep Plum) lightly along the upper and lower lash line, blending upward and outward.

Vamp Glam

-Apply a soft wash of Telepath(Sparkling Warm Rose) on the entire lid, blending upward and outward into the crease ond outer corner.
-Apply Fairy(Shimmering Pink) on the inner corner of the eye and blend up and outward along the brow bone.
-Line the eyes using Tarte For True Blood emphasEyes Aqua-Gel-Liner in Black. For a more dramatic look, widen the line gradually in the center and extend the liner just beyond the lash line at the outer corner.
-Using a smudge brush, smudge 'V'(Sparkling Crimson) aong the lower and upper lash line focusing ont he innermost corner of the eye.

All in all this is one of the most fun palette's I've ever owned. It sells for $52 at Sephora, Ulta, tartecosmetics.com and hboshop.com; But if you wanna wait it out for a little bit, one is given away each week at tartecosmetics.com. Though the price is a bit steep, I have to say that this product is worth every penny and is a great buy for any True Blood fan. I REALLY recommend this! So I urge you to give it a shot!! I did and I'm addicted! ;p Later Lovers!!!
5th-Sep-2011 10:51 pm (UTC) - make up
I think it is high, but maybe during hiatus it will be cheaper. My friend Mari does make up reviews on YT, she also is a TB fan- check her out
she tried to get this but they dont ship to Italy.
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