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Rabid Ramblings
Entrancing The Enchanting 
17th-Aug-2011 03:15 am
Here we are again Truebies!!! Spellbound was a WILD ride!!! Plus it left alot of things to be discussed, so lets dive right in.

When we left off, Jessica was about to get a good dose of sunbathing due to Marntonia's spell. However, just when Jessica opened the doors, Jason leaped through and got her back in the house. Notice that awesome footwork he displayed closing the doors?

Jason tackled a screaming Jessica to the floor but he didn't stay in control for long. Still in a mad frenzy, Jessica pinned Jason to the floor and was about to bite him(I don't blame Jason for screaming the way that he did), but then snapped out of it. The two stared at each other for a split second and then shared a kiss that lasted about 2 and a half Mississippi's.

Meanwhile, Queen Bill is still in the cell downstairs, silvered down, crying out for Jessica in bloody tears. We are finally relieved of his howling when Jason brings Jessica back down and puts her in the cell. Jessica sees the dead guard and asks if she did it and Bill tells her yes and his family will be well compensated. Because you know, the heartache over the death of a loved one is easily soothed with cash. Since Her Highness was already on the subject of damage control, he asked Jason to keep the details of today to himself. Jason agreed, as long as Bill will excuse him for shooting his guard in the shoulder. Bill accepts and Jason leaves.

Later on, Jessica goes home to Hoyt and she tells him that she doesn't want to be with him anymore. Hoyt breaks down into tears and and says he's sorry that he clinged too much. Jessica asks him to stop and he tells her that if he's not with her, he doesn't want to be alive. Jessica tells Hoyt that she's leaving and he blocks the door. Jessica orders him out of her way and he responds that he'll die without her. Jessica replies, "Then DIE!" and crushes Hoyt's head on a table killing him. She then meets Jason in his truck, and Jason tells her that she is so sexy and he wants her to fuck him and bite him at the same time. Then Jessica wakes up...yes that was a dream...and yes it mindfucked me too.

Back at the Stackhouse residence, Sookie is still with Eric and decides its safe to take his chains off. Eric braces himself and when Sookie lifts the chains he screams in Swedish, which was hot.

Sookie asks the Viking why he isn't healing and its because he hasn't fed since he drained Claudine. Sookie offers herself but tells Eric that she is trusting him not to lose control. Eric latches on to Sookie and begins to feed and stops himself. He then bites his hand and offers himself to her. Sookie says that she's not injured and Eric replies, "We will be one." Sookie then helps herself to a hearty helping of Viking blood.

And then it was time...

Sookie and Eric step into the shower and by Skarsgod, I AM READY for this. Even tempted to ask my boyfriend to leave the room so I can have a private moment.

The two kiss and and caress each other and it seems we are on the right path with this. THEN Sookie turns on the shower-head and SNOW comes out. Everything gets dark as more snow starts to fall and Eric opens up the shower curtain to reveal what looks to be Narnia with a big bed. Sookie and Eric basically look like they are tripping on some other shit and proceed to get it on.

Okay, BEFORE I got a chance to really process what happened, this was my initial reaction.

Basically, when I first saw this seen I was thrown off and turned off. It lacked to me. Then I thought to look past the visual and saw something completely different. I saw the emotion and the vulnerability, they are BONDED and truly connected deeply. And really, would we have been satisfied with ANY interpretation of the shower scene? In my eyes, no on-screen translation would ever live up to the glory that it was/is. And I think AB knew that, which is why he took it a different route. In concerns to the TB fandom, a majority of them are NEVER ultimately satisfied with what they see on-screen anyway. It's understandable in SOME cases. However, some people wanted a regurgitation of what they 'think' they should've seen and can't look at things on a different perspective.

Therefore, no matter what, this will be their initial reaction to EVERYTHING on TB.

Moving on, the Queen Of The Damned is doing more damage control. He calls the MoonGoddess Emporium to speak to Marntonia and is surprised when Tara picks up. Before the Queen called, Marntonia and Tara were discussing what they had done with the spell. Marntonia was pissed that only one vampire met the sun unlike the 200 she pulled many years ago. Marntonia is alot like Russell Edgington; wanting supremacy for her species. Well, Queen Bill asked to speak to Marntonia and asked if they could reach a resolution. After alot of banter, they agreed to meet in the cemetery at midnight for a good old fashioned standoff.

Her Majesty then headed to the scene of the one vampire who met the sun, who also lived next door to Maxine Fortenberry. He did the usual, glamoured, spilled out some Billshit and left. Unfortunately, Addict Andy was on the scene as well and was just about to self-implode at the sight of the vampire remains. Andy, the first step is admitting you have a problem.

Meanwhile at Merlotte's, Arlene is scolding Terry for having his back to Baby Mikey while working.

Terry explains to Arlene that he is always on his toes with a strategically placed mirror he's using to keep an eye on Baby Mikey.

While Arlene and Terry are bickering Baby Mikey is entertained by his singing ghost, who is starting to look creepy. Laffy walks in and sees her again and she stops singing and gives Laffy a very dirty stare. Laffy has only one answer to this...

Later on, Laffy is at home and begins to dream about the singing ghost, who's name is Mavis. It takes place decades ago, 1930's to be exact, and we see her on her way somewhere with the creepy doll before it was creepy. She approaches a large manor, but is stopped by a man. Turns out that she went there to see her son and the man is the father of the child. Mavis is told by the father that he killed their son so their relationship won't be discovered by his wife or anyone else. Mavis says its really because she is black. She begs to see her child but the father won't let her. The dream ends with Mavis crying out for her baby.

Laffy wakes up and sees Mavis, who ends up possessing him. Laffy/Mavis then gets up and leaves the house. Seriously, in demeanor, Laffy possessed by Mavis isn't that big of a stretch from normal Laffy. Mavis/Laffy heads to, what do ya know, the Bellfleur house. So yes that means that Mavis' old lover was a Bellfleur. Geez, the Bellfleurs really do have one hell of an ancestry. Laffy/Mavis gets into the house, takes Addict Andy's gun, Baby Mikey and the creepy doll.

Meanwhile, In sub-plot land...

'Jesus Take The Wheel' Debbie and Alcide are in good with their new pack; Alcide even showed off some alpha-male posture. Packmaster Marcus tells his brethren that they are NOT to get involved in the vampire/witch war because it is fucking stupid. Debbie tells Alcide that this pack is what she needs right now and she doesn't want Alcide to see Sookie again so he won't get caught up in the vampire/witch business. Alcide again tells Debbie that she has nothing to worry about with Sookie...which is bullshit. Alcide needs to just own up. Debbie says that Sookie comes with vampires and that its just part of her baggage. Alcide assures Debbie that he will not get involved. I'm pretty sure we're all aware of where Alcide will be at midnight tonight. Just sayin'.

Also, It seems Debbie has the total hots for Marcus. She was giving 'screw me' eyes all night. I won't be surprised if she ends of hitting the sheets with him... or already has.

Tommy cross-dresses skinwalks as Maxine Fortenberry, in an attempt to get the money that was offered for her property. However since the vampire next door died with an unpaid mortgage, the property has decreased in value. So Tommy won't get the lump sum that was told to him beforehand, but he settles. He can just chalk it up to Sam being SELFISH.

Speaking of Sam Merlotte, he and Luna have been getting back on good terms, however this is cut short when the father of Luna's child shows up at her house. And what do ya know, its packmaster Marcus! Marcus says that he doesn't take to kindly to having to need permission to see his daughter when Sam(who apparently plays with Barbies) is around whenever. Luna tells Marcus if he starts any shit, she's calling his parole officer. Marcus backs down but makes an effort to tell Sam that he has pissed on the wrong boots.

I don't think anyone has yet to tell Marcus that if you fuck with Sam Merlotte, you get shot.

Finally back from Narnia, Eric and Sookie are lying in bed and Eric suggests that they run off together so that they won't have to deal with the war. Sookie tells him that they can't leave Bill to die. The Viking replies that the Queen is obligated to stay for his kingdom, they aren't. Sookie tells him that its their duty to stay and fight and Eric complies. The couple visits Her majesty and informs him that they want to fight at his side.

Jessica goes home to Hoyt(for real this time) and tellls him that they need to talk. She says that she loves him but she thinks it was a mistake that they moved in together, that they were each other's first real relationship and they moved too fast. She wants them to have to time apart. Hoyt asks if there is something that she doesn't want him to know, Jessica denies and Hoyt calls bullshit and wants to know the truth. Jessica says that she's just now realizing that maybe a monogamous relationship isn't what she needs right now. Hoyt says that he's knows that there is someone else and Jessica takes a long pause.

Hoyt then calls Jessica a bitch and I was all like...

Now THAT was unexpected. Hoyt tells Jessica that she broke his heart all the while he has been fighting for her. He goes on to say that she doesn't deserve him and he doesn't deserve her. Hoyt then drops the virgin card, the daylight card, the dead card AND the normal life card. What a far cry from how Jessica pictured this would play out in her dream. And it is hitting Jessica HARD. Hoyt tells Jessica to get out and when Jessica comes up to him, he rescinds her invitation. He tells her that maybe his mother was right about vampires all along and slams the door.

Jessica then shows up at Jason's house and tells him that she has broken up with Hoyt and that she doesn't love him anymore, at least not in the way she wants. Jason says that Hoyt has been his best friend since first grade and that he doesn't want any part of this. Jessica tells Jason that she knows he feels the same way and then Jason rescinds her invitation.

Now while I do love the baby vamp, I have to admit that I do not think that Hoyt was in the wrong for throwing her out. However what he said to her was really harsh and some things are better left unsaid, even when angry. Hoyt has given up alot for Jessica and she chose to string him along along instead of letting him go. Yes she did just realize that maybe this wasn't what she needed, but ALOT could've been avoided beforehand. In my opinion, this outburst from Hoyt was long overdue, even though it was on a bit of a high level. Jessica is young but she does know right from wrong and going to Jason's house immediately after the ordeal was a foul move.

I see alot of people are siding with Jessica on this and its expected. From what I noticed, a majority of TB fans always side with the vamps over humans in debacles, in example, Bill/Sookie and Tara/Franklin.

Cue theme music from 'The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly.

Bill and Marntonia meet each other in the cemetery and they both quickly cut the bullshit that they've come alone and unarmed. They then have a 'my hood is tougher than yours' stare down

TOTALLY LMAO at the bitch who brought a silver platter... it killed me.

PAM-I-AM and her restored face!!!!!!

Sookie notices that Tara is there, but Tara keeps a straight face. Marntonia and Bill banter again and the Queen asks her once again to call off the war. Sookie hears her chanting a spell inside her head and warns Bill. Eric then comes out of nowhere and rips someone's heart from their chest and Queen Bill's guards show up and aims at Marntonia. She laughs and brings a mass fog over the garaveyard. It's going down.

Everything instantly turns into Call Of Duty: Bon Temps Edition.

Pam-I-Am tracks down Tara and is ready to KILL. But just as she was about to get sweet revenge, Queen Bill orders her not to kill Tara or he will execute her himself. Pam says that this is FUCKING LAME and speed off; we feel for you Pam-I-Am. Tara asks Bill why did he save her and he tells her that she already knows why.

Sookie is wandering around and gets attacked by some random person who thinks she's a vampire. She simply blasts him away with her microwave fingers...not a moment after Sookie is shot. Bill hears but is silvered before he can go to her aid.

Sookie is then picked up off the ground by none other than Alcide and is carried away. However, Alcide was followed there by 'Jesus Take The Wheel' Debbie and she looks LIVID.

She just went from zero to BITCH in under 3 seconds.

Eric too feels that Sookie is in danger and goes to rush to her but crosses paths with Marntonia... and she spellbounds the Viking to his knees. NOOOOOOO!!!!!

And there it is. Do you think Marntonia gave Eric back his memories? Will 'Who shot Sookie' become the new 'Who shot JR'? We'll just have to wait and see. I would leave you the clip to the next episode but it is truly utter BS. Later Lovers!!!
17th-Aug-2011 01:37 pm (UTC)
I will have my own recap, of course, and I will have a more detailed reply to yours (when I am not running to work, lol), but I just wanted to say this:

Then I thought to look past the visual and saw something completely different. I saw the emotion and the vulnerability, they are BONDED and truly connected deeply. And really, would we have been satisfied with ANY interpretation of the shower scene? In my eyes, no on-screen translation would ever live up to the glory that it was/is. And I think AB knew that, which is why he took it a different route. In concerns to the TB fandom, a majority of them are NEVER ultimately satisfied with what they see on-screen anyway. It's understandable in SOME cases. However, some people wanted a regurgitation of what they 'think' they should've seen and can't look at things on a different perspective.

So MUCH WORD! You basically said what I've been thinking the entire season.

Personally, I think if we had a shot-by-shot exact reproduction of the book scenes, people would still be unhappy. Because then they would be comparing the images they had in their minds to the actual images and finding them lacking. I am, personally, glad that AB didn't go the exact book rout on this. Frankly, I wish he didn't start Eric and Sookie in the shower at all for that scene, because that made people think "Oh, the shower scene!" And it wasn't that at all. Who cares if it's in the shower or anywhere else? This was about connecting on a much deeper level and being able to say things they weren't ready to say while sober. :)

Anyway, thank you!
17th-Aug-2011 03:34 pm (UTC)
I agree, I wished AB didn't start it off in the shower either because it it wasn't really the 'shower scene'. But I am grateful that he didn't maul it.

I think the reason that some are so dissatisfied with Eric and Sookie is bc they were fed all the visuals and empty sentiments that she had before with Bill. However, Eric and Sookie isn't some 'fuck and feed' pairing; they actually feel deeply for each other and don't cheapen everything with the, 'I will love you for always and eternity' conception. Why? Because Sookie is maturely admitting that she doesn't know if she will still have the same feelings for Eric once he is back to his normal self, even though this whole experience will have a profound affect on him which I think will be positive.

But Sookie wants to move forward with this and that says alot. She is is not setting herself up for failure bc she is acknowledging the inevitable outcome that this is temporary and things will indeed change. Some are so used to the Billshit that was once before that they can't look past what they see on the outside.
17th-Aug-2011 04:38 pm (UTC)
I have nothing to add to what you said other than WORD. :)
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