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Rabid Ramblings
Silver, Sun And Stakes, Oh My!!! 
10th-Aug-2011 12:33 am
Once again I apologize for my two episode post hiatus, LiveJournal crashing threw me off my game completely. However, I did scrounge up my almost dead recap for episode 4.05!!! Though I did not write a post on 4.06, I'll do a quick run-through right here. I hope you like gifs and Eric/Sookie porn.

We left off on Eric and Sookie getting ready to make up for three seasons of lost love-making time. Unfortunately, Her Highness intrudes, has Eric arrested and orders the TRUE DEATH upon him. You know, because Bill is an inept asshole.

Queen Bill wants Sookie to know that he is SO over her.

However while being detained, Eric does have a good ol' heart-to-heart with Pam-I-Am...

Tommy, fresh off of killing his parents, now has the ability to skinwalk. Sam's form is his test run and Tommy proceeds to fire Sookie, have sex with Luna and ruin Sam's life in the course of one day.

'Jesus Take The Wheel' Debbie goes behind Alcide's back and gets in on the local sorority wolfpack, but she has good reason.

Sam is tired of Addict Andy's crap and lets him know.

Arlene and Terry's house burnt down but its okay because Baby Mikey has a friendly ghost...

Tara and Naomi reunite but its short lived when they learn that hell hath no fury like Pam scorned.

Jason does not shift at all but Jessica was there to remind him of his happy place.

Antonia has taken over Marnie's body completely and she's not having your shit.

Laffy and Jesus sacrifice a snake for Don Bartolo and Laffy uses his medium powers for the first time.

King Asshat releases Eric, who should've never been locked up in the first damn place, because sometimes he has to pretend that he has a heart. And the episode ends on this marvelous note and closing song by Neko Case.

And now we move on to the Cold Grey Light Of Dawn...

We start the episode off with Antonia, who is now taking up permanent residence in Marnie's body. She now has the sheriff Luis under her control and uses him to escape.

Don't fuck with me.

Queen Bill's spy/employee/booty-call Katerina come down to check on the current prisoner and sees that Luis has Marnie/Antonia pinned against the wall in the cell. Katerina charges in, pulls out her gun and tells Luis to let Marnie/Antonia go or she'll shoot. Antonia's ruse has gone as planned and Luis tackles Katerina to the ground. Antonia tells Luis to kill her but keep it clean with no biting. Luis snaps Katerina's neck.

Looks like Her Majesty isn't getting any tonight.

Antonia tells Luis to deliver the message to Bill that she is back and the resurrection will take place once again.

Tara and Naomi are still in a standoff with Pam-I-Am, who's showing no mercy tonight. She has Tara pinned to the ground with one hand and Noami's neck with the other. Tara tells Naomi to run and Pam says that she'll let her piece of "yellow-tail" go(Alexander Woo wrote this episode, so I guess that term can fly) Naomi runs off and Pam-I-Am tells Tara that she wants to hear the life draining out of her. Just when it looks like Tara's last breath, we see a camera flash. Looks like Naomi came back with the patrons of Merlotte's in tow.

"TMZ is offering 10K for a vamp-attack video!" - Unfortunately I have not seen this on TMZ or vamps-kill.com

Cellphones and camera recording, the people ask Pam-I-Am if she is a zombie. "I AM NOT A ZOMBIE!!!" That's exactly what a zombie would say. Pam tells Tara that she'll be coming for her again and speeds off. Later on, Tara and Naomi talk about what had happened and Tara tells her that the best thing for her to do is leave and never look back. Naomi leaves and Tara does what she does best.

Tara, I give you words of wisdom.

Meanwhile, Alcide and Debbie are being sworn in by their new wolfpack.

If blood is present, it's a Debbie certified event.

Debbie can see that Alcide is still worried about Sookie. Even though Alcide apologizes for spoiling Debbie's night, she says that they can spare ten minutes to look. And when they do, they find this...

Soak it in.

Later on, we catch Alcide and Debbie in the act, which was pretty random. You can clearly tell that their minds are in other places. Debbie finally admits that she's not into it tonight but cut Alcide some slack. Eric is a tough act to follow. Maybe the sight of the 'gracious plenty' was too much for poor Alcide and he developed a case of mangina.

Look it up.

Debbie asks Alcide if he has feelings for Sookie and Alcide denies it. Alcide, stop lying to Debbie... and yourself. Debbie begins to sob and Alcide once again assures her that hhe harbors nothing for Sookie and that she is the only one in his eyes.

Debbie looks like she had way more fun getting the blood smeared on her forehead.

Moving on to the Queen Of The Damned

Bill is visited by sheriff Luis in his study and of course, it turns into an assassination attempt. Bill thwarts Luis by shooting him and putting a stake at his chest. Bill questions Luis for a motive and Luis delivers his message from Antonia and pushes himself onto the stake.

Queen Bill, now aware that Antonia/Marnie has escaped and is planning a resurrection is taking action and the best thing he can come up with is having the vampires silver themselves so they don't walk out in the sun. He informs his immediate subjects of the protocol to serve up the silver. I mean really? The AVL can't lend a hand? Then again, Bill doesn't want to evacuate his kingdom.

That black sheriff Duprez is all kinds of sexaaaay.

Eric and Sookie haven't caught wind of the red alert yet because they are still busy getting it on. Its quite understandable, that's alot of viking to cover.

I swear that rug gets all the action.

Finally sated, Eric and Sookie cuddle together and talk about things. Eric doesn't really want to remember his old self because of the past trouble that he has cause Sookie. Its understandable but the other side is just as relevant and vital. It is part of Eric as a whole.

Eric and Sookie are later visited by Queen Bill who asks them about their reunion; when the awkwardness is over, Bill informs them of what is going on with Antonia and leaves them with silver chains.

I still get a kick out of Eric wearing Jason's clothes.

After telling Don Bartolo that he will burn his taco stand to the ground, Laffy returns with Jesus. Jesus tells Laffy that he is a medium and that the spirit that possessed him was his father. Laffy is still wary of this whole business and goes back to work where we are treated to him giving Baby Mikey an awesome game of peek-a-boo.

Laffy notices Baby MiKey staring off and turns around to see what he is looking at. He then sees the baby's ghosts. Laffy promptly tells her to get out of his damn kitchen. The ghosts responds by singing in French to Baby Mikey. Laffy looks at the baby and then turns back around to see that the woman is gone.

Looks like Laffy and Baby Mikey have something in common.

Jason is visited by Hoyt, who just wants to check in on him. Jason learns that Jessica is currently at Bill's. BTW, Jason's workout is SICK.

Holly goes on one FAIL of a date with Addict Andy. Rumor has it that Andy will be in rehab by the end of the season, so maybe he'll fall into the snares of the Fellowship Of The Sun. They do like to prey on V addicts. Arlene did take the time out to tell Holly that the Bellfleur house is falling apart and marrying into the family isn't exactly the grandeur it used to be. Terry is still a prince though.

Sam and Luna realize that Tommy skinwalked as him. Sam disowns Tommy again. Look on the bright side Tommy, at least he didn't shoot you this time.

Dr. Ludwig makes a much needed appearance giving Pam-I-Am a whole new kind of chemical peel. She tells Pam that she can't her rotting but she can give her shots that she'll have to take forever. I feel for you Pam.

Oh Pam-I-Am, if only you had a dragulator, then all your problems would be solved.

Who better to administer a shot than GINGER?

Fucking pink satin coffin. WERK!!!

In a sea of self-loathing, Tara comes across Marnie/Antonia. Antonia tells Tara that she shares the pain that the vampires inflicted on her. She says that there are thousands enduring vampire's wrong-doings and she plans to take a stand. Tara learns of Antonia's plan to make vampires walk in the sun and is all for it. Tara goes off and finds recruits for their circle.

In preparation for the day, the vampires begin to silver themselves down so they won't fall victim to Antonia's spell. If you're at the royal compound then you're getting the special treatment, sunblocked crevices and all.However, Sookie isn't treating our Viking too shabby, but he's seen better days.

I'd give him a hug, but it looks like he wouldn't enjoy it much.

Bill and Jessica share a heart-to-heart, the Queen's pseudo-sentimental drivel almost put me to sleep, but Jessica finally does admit that she does not love Hoyt the way he loves her. Well Jessica, you need to just let him go instead of stringing him along under the guise of not wanting to hurt him. Honestly, it was hard to feel sorry for Jessica as she was in pain of being silvered when you remember what she is doing to Hoyt. But look who her maker is. Jessica does have a few choice words for Antonia.

Antonia gets her circle together and they begin to chant the incantation.

If a witch's feet are no longer touching the ground...

Sookie is visited by Jason and she fills him in on the vampire/witch antics. The atmosphere immediately changes and wind starts to blow. Jason remembers Jessica is at Bill's and rushes off to her aid while Sookie rushes to Eric.

Eric begs Sookie to set him free and Sookie tells him that he'll dies if she does. ERIC DOES NOT CARE.

Pam-I-Am's not handling it too well either, she screams to be let free from inside her coffin. The coffin starts shaking and Ginger climbs on top of it and starts screaming. Well its pink and its vibrating...

If I were Ginger, I'd be making the most out of this.

Someone missed the memo.

The one person not weathering this storm well is Jessica. She is aching to get free...and she does. A chain of silver holding Jessica down isn't fastened well and she pulls it right off. Despite Bill's pleas for her to stay, Jessica summons a guard to help her, knocks him out and takes his key to the cell. While she unlocks it and begins to make her way upstairs, Bill tries the YOUR MAKER I COMMAND YOU tact, but to no avail. Jessica proceeds upstairs.

Meanwhile, Jason makes his way to Bill's house to help Jessica but he is taken down by the guards.

Jessica nears the door moor and more and finally reaches it.

And this is how it ends.

I'm pretty sure we can all reach the consensus that this is not the final moments of the baby vamp. But one thing's for sure, the war between the vampires and witches has begun and it is on! Later Lovers!
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