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9th-Aug-2011 02:43 pm - Dancing With The Devil
*I was able to salvage my recap for episode 4.5!!! I hope you enjoy!!!!

Lets get it started with episode 4.05! What a whirlwind watch!!! PURE AWESOMENESS. Starting off with a storyline that made bit of a comeback, Tommy and Sam!!! Who knew?!

When we last left Tommy, he looked to be gasping for his last breath at the hands of Melinda and Joe Lee, who may take the gold in the Trash Parents Olympics this year. Joe Lee still has that chain around Tommy's neck and is flinging the poor boy around like a fish he just caught in a lake. Melinda is yelling at Joe Lee to not hurt Tommy. Um Melinda, I think you stopped caring about your child's well-being a VERY long time ago.Sadly, mothers like Melinda actually exists Tommy finally quits stuggling and slowly passed out. Melinda asks if Tommy is dead and Joe Lee says that he's just resting. I really can't stand these two. Melinda says that she doesn't like hurting him like that and Joe Lee starts going on about a fight that he's gonna put Tommy in.

Remember when we were wondering why Tommy didn't shift when this whole ordeal started? Well I guess he just decided that he was gonna play possum instead. Not a moment after Melinda and Joe Lee had their backs turned to Tommy, he jumped up and started choking Joe Lee. Melinda pushed Tommy off of him, Tommy started to yell at the wench. Then Joe Lee came up behind Tommy and started to choke him. It's basically a full-on brawl now. Without his mighty chain, Joe-Lee couldn't easily subdue Tommy the way he did before, so Tommy proceeded operation 'Whoop This Old Bastard's Ass'

Tommy threw Joe-Lee to the ground, all the while Melinda is yelling at them to stop. Tommy grabs a stick and goes to town with it upside Joe Lee's head. Melinda tells Tommy to stop because he's killing Joe Lee and I wanna reach through the tv and punch this pathetic mother's lights out. Tommy takes one final hit and Joe Lee is out... for good. Melinda screams and rushes towards Tommy, saying she'll kill him, Tommy hits her upside the head and then she's out... for good. Tommy immediately rushes to her side and realizes she's dead.

Its damn near impossible to feel any remorse for these two. If I were Tommy, instead of crying, I would've turned to the camera and said, "This is for all the battered children of America!" But that's just me...

Marnie is STILL...out there.

Bon Temps resident possessed witch just came to in the middle of the woods after another entanglement of being.. well possessed. She asks Laffy, Tara-Toni and Jesus what happened.

They finally learn that Marnie has been possessed numerous times. Marnie tells them that the spirit is protecting them and that the vamps are the ones who started this fight. The trio basically comes to the conclusion that they are fucked and decides to take out their frustrations on Marnie by leaving her in the woods.

Lets check in on Amnesia Eric.

We come in on Eric having one of his hot viking dreams. He is walking into Sookie's room where she lies sleeping. All of a sudden, a hand appears on Eric's shoulder and it's Godric. A manifestation of Eric's conscience and/or raw side if you will. Godric goes to Sookie's bed and runs his hands up and down her leg and takes in her scent aka Faery Febreeze. Eric vamp speeds to Godric and pushes him away, telling him not to touch her. Eric wants asks Godric who he is and Godric tells Eric to drink with him so they can walk in the sun together. Eric says no and Godric seizes him by the throat and tells him that he is damned, incapable of love and that Sookie cannot save him.

Godric again commands Eric to drink once more. Even though Eric refuses again, he is told to stop fighting his nature and eventually bares his fangs. Finally, the both of them bites Sookie, who screams in terror.

Even though Sookie's well-being was at stake in this dream, it was still pretty HOT.

Eric wakes up with one hell of a blood boner and creeps upstairs to Sookie's room, fangs bared. Sookie is sleeping just as she was in his dream. Eric creeps up to the bed and then Sookie wakes up, spots him, "What the hell Eric?" ............ "I had a bad dream."

We are treated to Eric laying in Sookie's bed, crying. Gah, I want to give him a snuggle of hugs. Sookie tells Eric that Godric was his maker and that he loved him and misses him. Eric says Godric told him he was evil and asks Sookie if its true.Sookie informs Eric that he's not Gandhi, but he's not evil. Eric puts his head in Sookie's lap and says he likes being next to her(*swoon*). Sookie laughs and says if anyone told her a week ago that she'd be crawled up in bed with Eric Northman stroking his hair... she couldn't even finish the sentence. I have to say, seeing these two like this makes my insides beyond warm and fuzzy. Sookie tells Eric gentle and sweet suits him and indeed it does. She also lovingly says that this is what Godric would've wanted. Eric feels that its strand to miss someone you don't remember and asks Sookie if he could stay with her until the sun rises. Sookie says as long as he keeps his hands and his fangs to himself, to which Eric replies,"I would never hurt anyone as beautiful as you."

Meanwhile Laffy, Jesus and Tara-Toni are coming up with a game-plan, well just Laffy and Jesus that is. Tara-Toni is going back New Orleans. Laffy is going to Mexico with Jesus to find his granddad, who is a brujo shaman and should be of some help in their situation. You know Jesus' twisted granddad who we are led to believe is nothing short of bonkers.

However, Laffy is having second thoughts about going to Mexico to see the man Jesus hates. Jesus tells Laffy that as of yesterday they live in a world where two vamps wants to kill them. I'm surprised that Laffy hasn't registered that something is off about this whole thing as far as Eric goes. Laffy knows better than anyone that the viking handles his business immediately, or at least makes a house call. But whatever. Jesus says that they need to fight fire with fire and gives a recollection of the last time he saw his grandfather. Jesus says that he got him a pet goat for his birthday and had him kill it. Granddad then told Jesus to take the spirit inside of him by licking goat blood off the knife. Jesus said that when he did, he never felt anything like that in his life and whatever it was they need it.

Still on the porch, Tara-Toni calls her hot Asian girlfriend Naomi to tell her that she's coming home. Tara tells her that if she ever mentions anything about going back to Bon Temps, Naomi can handcuff her to the bed. Unfortunately, Naomi isn't in the mood for sexy talk when she asks, "Who the FUCK is Tara Thornton?"

You may can escape your past but you'll never escape social security.

Moving on to the storylines that are basically middle ground...

Fresh with marker on their walls, Arlene and Terry decides that something needs to be done about the odd things going on in their house. Surprisingly, Arlene didn't blame the wall writings on baby Mikey, she believes that its a ghost of Renee's. And she tells Renee to keep his ghost hands off her baby. Terry thinks that they need a man of God to come and cleanse the house. And who better than Lettie Mae and Reverend Daniels?

After being rescued from the side of the road by Hoyt and Jessica, Jason is back in his own bed. Hoyt thanks Jessica for being such a great help and hugs her. Jessica is tense and standoffish, I think still feeling guilty for glamouring him. Hoyt senses Jessica's uneasiness and asks her what's wrong. Of course she tells him nothing. Hoyt, tired of trying to figure her out says that he's gonna stay with Jason and that she can go home. He also doesn't reply when she says "I love you."

The next day at Merlotte's Jason tells Hoyt about the whole Hotshot ordeal and then learns from Holly that the full moon is tonight. Later on we see Jason having a blood dream starring Jessica... and Hoyt.


Fresh off a trash parent killing spree, Tommy reveals the news to Sam, who is no stranger to a murder. Sam is always shirtless when the good shit goes down.

Sam decides to help Tommy get rid of the bodies... quickly. They get in the van to head to a designated body dumping site but speed past none other than Addict Andy. The V-induced cop turns on his sirens and stops them. Sam orders Tommy to get in the back of the van since he is covered in blood. Andy comes up to Sam, notices blood on the door handle and tells Sam to open up the back. Sam reluctantly does so and out pops Tommy... as a gator. Sam tells Andy that he found it by the trash cans and was taking it back to the swamps. A frazzled Addict Andy lets Sam leave.

At the swamps Sam and Tommy throw the two bodies in the water. Sam tells Tommy that he killed two people because they stole from him. I hope that came in load and clear Tommy. Steal from Sam and he'll most likely shoot you. Tommy notices that the bodies aren't sinking and Sam throws marshmallows into the water to attract the gators. Fun Fact - Gators love marshmallows.

Meanwhile, Alcide is visited by the local packmaster who is pissed Alcide hadn't registered yet. Alcide tells him that he doesn't plan to and sends him packing. Geez, wolfpacks are worse than sororities. I wonder how long it'll be before 'Jesus Take The Wheel' Debbie will tell Alcide that she doesn't need his pussy-pack anymore.

In a far away land of royalty and incest...

Bill Compton, Queen of the Damned is visited by his recently discovered greatX4 granddaughter, Portia. Obviously Portia has a very different outlook on incest.

Queen Bill tells Portia that they cannot continue their sexual relationship because they share a bloodline. Portia goes on to explain the hidden loopholes of incest and tries her damn best to make it sound convincing. However Bill decides to nip it in the bud. He glamours Portia and tells her she is not attracted to him that every time she sees him she'll feel the urge to scream and run away. That was a bit much Queen Bill, but then again, you are a sick bastard.

Her Highness is then visited by Pam I Am, who is doing her best to pull off zombie beekeeper chic. Pam lifts her veil and Bill immediately knows that she went to Marnie when he sees what's become of her beautiful face. Pam apologizes buts says that she's through playing nice.

Pam I Am also informs Bill that she wants permission to torture and kill the mousy little bitch aka Marnie. Queen Bill tells her that is a no-go since the Authority outlawed all vampire-on-human violence and the punishment is the TRUE DEATH. He does not wish that for her...um yeah. Pam I Am tell Her Highness to take a good look at her fucking face and convene his sheriffs so that they can kill that uppity wiccan cunt... your majesty. Bill says that he won't ignore this and suggests some options for Pam I Am and her face...

Back at Merlotte's, Sookie discovers Marnie's whereabouts from poking around in Holly's head.

Sookie arrives at the MoonGoddess Emporium and asks Marnie for a reading. Considering the fact that she probably walked all the way home from the woods, Marnie is not in the mood to do any readings today. Sookie decides to try and break the ice.

Marnie agrees to do a reading asks Sookie for something personal. Sookie gives Marnie her necklace. Marnie begins to contact the spirits and channels Gran Adele Stackhouse. Sookie is definitely taken aback and learns that Gran misses her and wants her to take care of Jason. Gran also asks Sookie if she is falling in love. Sookie says that she doesn't think so. Marnie tells Sookie that Gran says not to give the man she has feelings for her heart, that the situation is temporary. Sookie listens in on Marnie's mind and hears Gran's voice. Gran says that it won't last. I have to say that I don't think that Gran is telling Sookie not to fall for Eric in general, just not the state he's in right now. Because even though it is Eric, it's not Eric as a whole.

Gran also tells Sookie that Marnie Poses great danger Marnie. Marnie hears this as well and is shocked, saying she has never hurt anyone. Gran tells Sookie to run and get out of there. According to Sookie, when Gran tells her to run, she runs. But not without paying.

After Sookie leaves, Marnie is visited by Queen Bill's spy, who asks her about the incident in the woods. Marnie tells her that it was no incident and that they have someone watching over them. Suddenly the royal guards come and seize Marnie and pin her to the ground. I have to say, I feel a bit sorry for Marnie being manhandled like that, truth is she's not really the bad guy. She's just gonna keep being pushed and pushed until the moment she pushes back, which will be very soon.

In true vampire fashion, Marnie is now being held hostage at the Queen Bill's compound.

Just before she was about to die of boredom, Marnie gets a visit from her spirit.

The dream is again during the Spanish Inquisition, this time there are a group of witches in a cell who all will be burned. They are chanting when and the spirit who has possessed Marnie seems to be the leader. The priests comes into the cell and takes one of the witches, they then give her the last rights. But surprise, the priests are VAMPIRES. They all bite the witch and the others scream.

BTW, Jesus and Alcide do make it to Mexico and are greeted by someone who's been expecting them...

Back at the royal compound, Queen Bill and Pam I Am question Marnie via intercom. Bill asks Marnie about Eric and she tells him the truth. Pam tells Bill to order Marnie to fix the spell on her face. Bill asks Marnie to reverse the spell on Pam and Marnie says that she doesn't know how. Again the truth. Pam I Am calls bullshit of course. I would too if I looked liked her right now. Queen Bill says that he will glamour Marnie to be certain. He goes down in the cell, glamours Marnie and her answers matched the ones she had given before.

Tara-Toni shows up at Sookie's house and tells her about Naomi and New Orleans facade. She thinks that Naomi is going to break up with her. Sookie tells Tara to tell the truth if she really loves her. To fight for her. Tara asks Sookie if she would forgive Bill if he was right there fighting for her. I don't know if you should compare Bill in this situation Tara, you may have lied to Naomi but you didn't hire anyone to beat her up. Sookie quickly brings the subject back to Tara. She tells her that you have to be honest with the people you love.

But like most Sookie and Tara heart-to-hearts this might end badly. Tara asks Sookie if she could stay and Sokkie tells her that now is not a good time. Eric then comes out of his cubby.

Tara screams at the sight of Eric and grabs a piece of iron from the fire place. Sookie tells her to calm down... but you can NEVER calm Tara down. Eric bares his fangs and heads toward Tara, Sookie tells him to stop. Eric grabs the iron from Tara and stares her down. On Animal Planet, this is what they call establishing dominance. Tara asks why is Eric there and Eric tells her that he lives there. Tara tells Sookie that she poured out her heart to her and the whole while she had someone who wanted to kill her in her basement. She then shouts Eric Northman's list of bad deeds. Tara calls Sookie a hypocrite and in a sense she is but so are you Tara, and its a bit too early to be getting back up on that high horse of yours. Right now you're just the pot calling the kettle black.

Tara then gives a big FU to Sookie and Eric and storms out. Eric asks Sookie if all those bad things Tara said were true and Sookie tells him yes. Eric asks why is she letting him stay there if her pain is his fault. Sookie tells him that there is more to him than his worst self and that there is decency in him. She also tells him that she wouldn't be with him right now if she didn't know he could change. Eric responds that there is a light in her and that it's beautiful.

Eric gets up and leaves. Sookie goes after him and asks him not to go. Sookie hold out her arms to him... and I'll just let the images speak for themselves...

I'll give you a moment to process how fucking awesome this is.

Queen Bill has assembled with his sheriffs to discuss the wiccan business and informs them of Eric Northman's disappearance. One of the sheriffs named Luis tells the group of an incident in 1610 in Spain where a sorceress named Antonia(yes, Marnie's possessor) was being burned at the stake and used necromancy to pull all vampires in a 20 mile radius from their sleep into the daylight, priests and nuns. Luis says that his maker was one of those vampires that burned. Vampires pull strings like no other so it should be no surprise that back then they infiltrated the Catholic church. Now its Google and Fox News. Luis wants to kill the witch but Bill denies him even though Pam I Am also offers her efforts.

The sheriffs want to take action immediately but Her Highness tells them that they will suffer the TRUE DEATH if they do. Pam I Am is royally pissed and says that if anyone deserves the TRUE DEATH, its the witch. Pam goes off into a tangent and then drops the ball about Eric's memory. Queen Bill immediately questions Pam on her slip and demands to know where Eric is. Pam reluctantly tells him that Eric Northman is with Sookie Stackhouse and the Queens vamp speeds out of there.

And there it is folks. King Asshat is on his way to Sookie's, to rain on the parade. I can't wait til next Sunday!!! Thank you for reading, Later Lovers!
6th-Aug-2011 05:41 pm - Bad, BAD Trubie
I sincerely apologize for my missing in action. LiveJournal going down REALLY threw me off my flow. When the site was working again I was away at a convention and now I've been trying to get back on track. Overall, I completely was way too disoriented to do posts on episodes 4.05 and 4.06, which sucks bc those eps were AMAZEBALLZ. However I will get right back on track with episode 4.07. THANK YOU for understanding my recent bout of being inept. ;)

I welcome you to awesomeness 2.0! My original post for episode 4.04 went kaput so here is the next best thing. I swear I'm not mad at you LiveJournal...bitch.

Fresh from draining Claudine, we now have Drunk Amnesia Eric!

Oh Eric, I know that look, I've had it many times. It usually results in me coming home at 5am with my bra in my purse. But I digress...

Sookie is very worried that more faeries will come and urges Eric to get in the house. But he's too busy playing around with vamp speed to care. Don't be a party-pooper Sookie. However, she realizes that the viking is drunk and having a ball. Plus, she even gets complimented on her cute butt.

Things do get a bit scary when Eric says that he wants more blood and goes in for Sookie's neck. Sookie forces him off, telling him that he'll kill her if he does. True to his inebriated state, Eric responds by saying that he'd never hurt her, drunk slur and all. Sookie asks for him to get in the house again and he refuses, because he really wants to play. The viking then speeds off into the night.

Cue the Queen.

Her Highness is currently stomping his feet around at Fangtasia, questioning Pam I Am on Eric's whereabouts. Of course Pam keeps mum and says that she has not a clue where her maker is. Queen Of The Damned is pretty bitchy this particular evening but Pam I Am is always pretty bitchy, therefore not taking any of his pseudo royal shit. Bill tells Pam to contact him when she does hear from Eric because he is their queen and yada yada yada. Pam's parting words, "You like the feel of it don't you? That crown."

Pam I Am, please fulfill my fantasy of us listening to Rupaul's Glamazon together and watching the new season of Drag Race.

Nan's not too pleased with Her Majesty either. She scolded him for sending Eric into that witch coven and told him to do damage control aka clean this shit up. Looks like Bill is starting to leave a really sour taste in Nan's mouth.

Jason is still in Hotshot looking like this.

The scum women of Hotshot are still using Jason to breed for their hick clan. And poor Jason looks like death if it had a six-pack. After all of this over, he should really get tested. One of the women told him that he was the best that she ever had...because you know, he looks like he could really give a shit. When it's Crystal's sister-niece's turn, it is evident that she really doesn't want to do this. Jason tells her that she doesn't have to just because some douchebag tells her she does. He also says that her first time should be special, with a guy that brings her flowers and candy. Sister-niece is shocked to learn that boys actually do this, but with the rattrap she lives is, I don't blame her astonishment.

Jason begs her to let him go because he'll die if he stays there. Thankfully, sister-niece cuts Jason loose, and wishes him safety. Jason finally gets to pull his pants back up, knock out the sicko old guy keeping watch and escapes Hotshot. A small sigh of relief.

Meanwhile, in the land of storylines you could care less about...

Sam learns that Luna has a daughter, whose father is a werewolf. He also learns that Maxine Fortenberry is a lioness... and still a hypocrite.

Tommy goes to visit his craptastic parents Melinda and Joe-Lee. Melinda tells him that she's left Joe-Lee, however this proves to be false when Joe-Lee, saggy underpants extraordinaire, shows up with a chain leash he bought for Tommy on sale at trashfuckingparents.com.

Tommy why the FUCK didn't you shift?!?

With creepy doll in tow, things are anything but peaceful in Arlene and Terry's household. Especially when they think that baby Mikey is writing Maury-related phrases on the walls.

Creepy doll, you're a creepy bastard.

Now back to the good stuff...

Sookie enlists the help of Alcide due to Drunk Amnesia Eric on the loose. Alcide also treats us to some hot shirtless action. In werewolf form Alcide catches Eric's scent and he and Sookie go off to find him.

This is the glory that they find.

'You are cordially invited to Eric Northman's baptism... a viking reborn.'

This is just too freaking good. Eric is frolicking in the lake like he's away at summer camp. He beckons Sookie to come join him and be his Sea Goddess and fight the crocodiles in these treacherous waters. Unfortunately, Sookie left her Sea Goddess costume in the house and doesn't feel like going back to get it. She pleads with Eric to get out of the water and back to the house so he doesn't get hurt by the sun. He promptly tells her no, he doesn't want to go back to the darkness. Alcide shifts back into human form and he and Eric have a cock fight from afar. Sookie warns Eric that the faery blood won't last. But soon enough, smoke begins to rise from Eric's body and his skin begins to turn red.

Even though being afraid of water, Sookie immediately goes into the lake to get Eric and puts a blanket around him. Eric vamp speeds back to the house and Sookie and Alcide follow behind. Back in Eric's cubby Sookie tells him that he needs to sleep or he'l get the bleeds. Eric says that he doesn't want to go to sleep. He then asks Sookie to stay with him because he doesn't want to be alone. Sookie declines, explaining that she has human stuff to do.

Sookie meets Alcide on the porch, who was listening in on her conversation with Eric, who is now listening in on theirs. Alcide tells Sookie that its dangerous to have Eric in her house. She retorts by saying that he has a woman who tried to kill her in his. After the slight bicker, they share a moment.

Alcide later goes home to 'Jesus Take The Wheel' Debbie, who asks him where he's been. Alcide tells her that he got held up at work. Debbie sniffs him and asks him if he shifted today. He tells her he did, because he was helping Sookie with a vamp problem. "In the daylight?" Debbie asks. Either Debbie is calling bullshit on this story and thinks Alcide has been canoodling with all day or she plans to breathe a word of this vampires in daylight business. With how off her rocker she is, it's probably both. Debbie tells Alcide that she's happy that they are being open in honesty with one another. Notice the batshit crazy starting to surface?

Don't worry about Debbie going off the rails again Alcide, she's a changed woman now.

Unaware that Jason escaped, Felton asks sister-niece about the supposed sex that that happened. Felton is such a nasty dickwad. When sister-niece is vague on the details, Felton runs to the shack where Jason was being held and finds that it is empty. He tells Crystal that he's gonna kill the pretty boy and sister-niece is next. Felton shifts into panther form and goes after Jason.

Jason is in the woods not looking too good. He hears Felton and takes is shirt off and throws it in a different direction and rubs dirt on his body to cover up his scent. Jason then climbs a tree, sharpens a stick and waits for Felton to show up. Not too long after, he does. Jason waits for the fight moment to pounce on Felton and takes it. Jason jumps from the tree, driving the stick into Felton's body. Felton scratches Jason's leg and collapses, shifting back into human form. Dead.

My next sigh of relief was cut short when nutcase Crystal shows up. Jason tells her to get the hell away or he'll kill her. Crystal starts spouting some nonsense about how they can be together now like it was always supposed to be. She also tells Jason that nobody will accept him and that she'll be waiting for him on the next full moon. Jason says that if he sees Hotshot again in the next hundred years, that'll be too soon and runs off. Ghost Daddy my ass.

Meanwhile at the Bellfleur residence, Queen Bill is making the acquaintance of Caroline Bellfleur.

Since Bill already has an affinity for family trees, of course he and Caroline would bond instantly while looking at the Bellfleur ancestry. Addict Andy shows up, finicky and jittery. Grand mother Caroline lets him leave and attributes his behavior to his drinking problem. If only, if only. Everything seems to be going well with Portia, Caroline and Bill. What I'm wondering is why Bill is even meeting Caroline when he told Portia, "Ah cud nevah luv yew."? Things are going swell while Caroline and Bill are glancing over the family tree... until they see that one of the Bellfleur descendants married Sarah Compton, Bill's daughter. Which means that the Comptons and the Bellfleurs are related. Didn't Bill just get it on with Portia in the last episode? Priceless.

That Mr. Compton, is what you call the dick look. PA-POW!!! I'll give you the rest of the season to recover.

Bill and Caroline look baffled and Portia isn't sure what's going on. Bill quietly assures Caroline that he will keep this under wraps, tells Portia that he has to go and hurriedly leaves. Portia follows after him and reminds him that she's a lawyer and a bad-ass bitch, so she know's when something is up. And she wants to know right now. Bill then drops the bomb to Portia that she is his great great granddaughter(there's prob another 'great' in there but I'm sure you get the gist of it by now) and makes his exit. I guess Portia can add Her Highness to that list of seemingly good men she dated who turned out to be complete disasters.

Jason is making his way out of the woods when his body finally gives out on him. He passes out o the side of the road. He is then spotted by Hoyt and Jessica, who were driving pass in their truck. They immediately stop and rush to help Jason and Jessica administers her blood to him.

There's just something about that face...

Marnie is still...out there.

Running off the high of offering to be a spirit's vessel, Marnie has a dream of the spirit's past. It's during the Spanish Inquisition, I believe, and the woman is about to be burned as a witch. Marnie tries to stop it but see that no one is aware of her presence. Fire is set to the stake and the woman begins to chant and Marnie soon starts repeating it. Marnie then wakes up with flames in her eyes.

Later on, Marnie is visited my Laffy, Jesus and Tara-Toni, who pleads with her to reverse the spell she performed on Eric. Marnie objects at first, but then complies when they tell her that they could all be in danger. However Marnie tells them that she doesn't know a reversal to the spell because she doesn't even know the spell to begin with. She say that it wasn't her who did it, it was a spirit...whose name she doesn't know yet. Jesus asks her to try and contact the spirit again so they can find a way to undo the the spell. Marnie agrees. joins hands with Jesus and they both begin to chant.

Laffy also does some chanting of his own.

It's not working and Tara-Toni is too aggravated to shut the fuck up for two seconds. Marnie is also getting frustrated and is about to give up when a book drops from the shelves. She looks in it and believes that they now have the answer to their problems.

Back at the Northman-Stackhouse residence, Sookie goes to check in on Eric, who is feeling a little blue. He tells her that he's sad that he'll never feel the sunlight on his skin again or see the sunlight in her hair. Sookie tells him that the Eric she know always finds a reason to smile, even if she wants to punch it right off his face. Eric responds, "If you kiss me, I'll promise to be happy." Sookie couldn't even deny the sweetness of what he just said and looks to even be contemplating doing it. The two lean in close...and I lean in close to my television.

Right before my televison-related desires could come true, Sookie and Eric are interrupted by a knock at the door.

My reaction

(If you haven't noticed by now, I REALLY like drag queens.)

I wonder who the HELL is at door?


No wonder he left the Bellfleurs so quickly, he had to show up on Sookie's doorstep to remind her that he is still around...and a douche. Queen of the Damned goes through his pleasantries with Sookie and then asks her about Eric. Sookie tells him that she doesn't know where he is. Queen Bill questions her by saying that she just came to him to try and get Eric out of her house, so the fact that he's not there all of a sudden is odd. Sookie tells him that Eric told her that he was leaving, so she thought that Her Majesty came through for her. Bill eats this shit up of course but insists that he searches the house. Sookie tells him no. Bill gets that "RESPECT MY AUTHORITAY!!!" look on his face and tries to push pass Sookie to get through her door. Sookie stands her ground and asks the duplicitous Mr.Compton what reason she has given him not to trust her, when ever has she given him a reason not to trust her. I cheer.

Bill stares Sookie down and and she does so right back. He then pushes past her and steps into the house but then stops. He turns to her and tells her that she is right and then leaves. But don't take that sigh of relief yet Sookie, King Asshat has not dropped this, he's just putting on the ploy of 'good guy' and will strike again later. But damn Sookie you made me one proud viewer tonight, the bookie in me is overcome with joy. YOU BETTA WERK!

Meanwhile in the woods, Pam I Am is dressed in her witch ritual attire, waiting for her maker to be fixed by Marnie, Laffy, Jesus and Tara-Toni.

Pam is in true form tonight, not taking guff from anyone. She is also pissed when nothing seems to be happening and ridicules the group for being sorry witches. She also tells Laffy that there will always be a special place in her dungeon for him. Marnie is asking everyone to stop saying 'fuck' because it's making her lose her concentration. Pam is not pleased and gets into Marnie's about the spell not working. Marnie then gets a visit from her spirit, who is ready to put Pam in her place. Pam speeds toward Marnie but is stopped. Marnie begins to chant and Pam's hand raises toward her own face... and begins to pull the flesh off.

Laffy and Tara-Toni are about to pee their pants.

The spirit possessing Marnie taunts Pam and tells her to behold her true self. Pam I Am, who's never shown this much fear ever, screams and speeds off. Marnie becomes Marnie again and collapses.

And that's all folks! Marnie has again messed with another vampire and I'm sure Pam I Am wants to tear that spirit bitch to pieces. I leave you with a preview link to episode 4.05 - http://bit.ly/pFSsZz - Thank you for reading, I hoped you enjoyed!!! Later Lovers!!!
I was working on a recap for episode 4.04 and unfortunately lost all my work due to autosave crapping out on me. I tried for hours to find a way to recover it but to no avail. I was already mad that I lost an awesome post, then I got even more mad when I realized that I could've started a new post when trying to retrieve the old one. A bit livid that my original awesomeness is gone but I still have the technology for awesomeness 2.0. Will start rewriting immediately.
This post is based on a genius speculation theory from http://sookieverseblog.com - With 'daywalking' being brought up recently I thought it would be nice to dive into it again.

Remember Mr. Bill Compton standing on a road in the open light of day after being ceremoniously kicked out the back of a truck?

Of course you do. Almost everyone does. The first thing to hit you was the significance of the fact that Sookie's blood abled Bill to be in the sun without burning immediately. But there is another significance to this, one that some people refuse to acknowledge. The oddity of Bill's reaction to this, especially considering what he had done to Sookie moments before.

The 'truck scene' in episode 3.07 is one of those scenes that causes a never ending debate. Questioning the fact on how 'out of it' Bill really was is easy but the REAL argument is Mr.Compton's reaction to the whole ordeal... his reaction when no one was around. Bill is a very duplicitous character that always leaves you pondering. In this case, it was the violent super-strength coming randomly and unexplained through his supposed incoherent weakness. Even covering Sookie's mouth to muffle her screams.

Though when Bill is discovered almost nearly killing Sookie in the back of the truck by Tara and Alcide, he is all of a sudden aware and full of concern for what he has done to Sookie, who's body looks mauled. Bill is then kicked out the truck by Tara,who then speeds off with Alcide and Sookie, and left on the road...in the sun. Considering the fact that he almost just killed his 'miracle' and is somehow not turning cajun crispy immediately, you'd think that Bill retreat into his melodramatic vampire tears reaction...but he didn't.

Alone and with no one's eyes looking upon him, Bill's concern and sadness seems to be wiped clean from his face. We always hear Bill profess his love for Sookie time and time again, where is it now? I do believe Bill does care about Sookie, but his so-called love is very questionable. Now we all know by now as to why the, "HOLY CRAP I'M NOT BURNING!" was no groundbreaking discovery to Bill since he was sent by QSA to procure Sookie, but how far back does the Sookie blood tests actually go?

Lets rewind back to episode 1.06 when Bill imagines that Sookie is being strangled in her sleep, he comes to her aid, but not until the sun is down. We fast-forward again to 1.08, a scene of true significance where Bill is stroking Sookie's ear saying, "You’re entirely different. And the beauty and the tragedy of it is that you don’t know just how different you are."

Pretending that's pointy ear Mr. Compton?

And then we get to episode 1.12 where Bill makes what seems to be a grand gesture of risking his life for Sookie by walking out in the sun. He didn't really help much, in fact he barely made it to the cemetery. But its the thought that counts, right? Some took this as a ceremonious act of love and others just thought it was really fucking funny.

Come Bill, that was really ridiculous, even for you! What purpose were you expecting to serve?! BUT WAIT. What has changed between now and the first time he wanted to save her but couldn't because of the sun? Not love, you twits. He has had Sookie's blood between now and then. So why not give it a test drive and at the same time look like a hero? Risky? Yes. Genuine? No.

Now lets take another jump to episode 2.09 and one of the most EPIC. SCENES. EVER.

Most viewers immediately pointed out the inconsistencies of the way Bill burned and the way Godric burned. The only sordid conclusion reached was that older vampires burn differently...and faster...and blue. But maybe Sookie's blood had something to do with it. It was the only difference between Godric and Bill meeting the sun besides age. Maybe Godric burned the way vampires were supposed to burn and Bill was the oddball.

In episode 3.12 we get further evidence to back up this theory when we see KRE nice and crispy from roasting out in the sun.

Alike to Bill, Russell had a helping of Sookie's blood prior to walking out in the sun. And their burn results seem very similar

Again begs the question of how sincere Mr. Compton really is. It makes you wonder exactly how much he does truly indeed know and how many of his actions have been genuine or with that hidden agenda he seems to tote around. Beneath his already thin veneer, somehow miraculously lies an even thinner veneer.

And that is all from me today, Later Lovers!
13th-Jul-2011 03:51 pm - Spoiler Whore:Sucking On Sunlight

**************SPOILER PHOTO*****************

An image has just surfaced featuring a certain amnesia Viking in the light of day!

This photo may be from episode 4 or 5. Poor Eric doesn't look too good. Geez, does any good come from drinking faery blood? Either you burn like a slow roasted weenie or the UV rays just make you look like shit. If you remember from the most recent episode, Eric drained Claudine, a full-blooded faery. I guess the blood has a better lasting effect than Sookie's but it looks like it makes you very weak. If QSA were still alive I think she'd be very disappointed. On the bright side, I really like how Sookie is caring for him. You can see the concern on her face.

BTW, here is the promo for episode 4.04 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLt_W7IJDg8&feature=youtu.be

This sunlight and vampires subject makes me want to do a speculation/theory post and that's exactly what I'm going to do. Tune in later Lovers!
12th-Jul-2011 02:52 am - Season 4's Crystal Ball
I bring you plot summaries for episodes 7-10! But before we get to the episode descriptions, I need to have a BITCH FIT RANT...

From taking a first glance at the episode details, I am already seeing way too much Bill. Yes he is king now but why the fuck do we have to get it thrown in our faces 24/7? We get it Alan Ball, you have a gargantuan Bill Boner! Seriously WTF? I felt a bit sullen when I heard that AB might not return next year but with the way I'm feeling right now, I could really give a shit. I've been trying my best to be optimistic about this season. Lets face it, there is alot at stake. In my opinion, this season is the time to make it or break it. I can deal with the bullshit, but I will not deal with Eric and Sookie being fucked up. Eric's character has already been reduced WAY too much. Its like Sookie still hasn't processed that Bill is a douche! At least bring more of Alcide onscreen rather than plastering Bill everywhere. I am an avid E/S boaster and I'm just tired of being given the run-around. Bill and Sookie had their time and Mr. Compton royally FUCKED it up! Can we move on please? Seriously if Sookie gets back with Bill again, I don't even want her with Eric anymore. And I am majorly pissed that after 3 FUCKING SEASONS Sookie is still a weak character and the whole damn universe revolves around Bill. I don't like that she has taken a backseat to him. Sometimes the fans of the SSN do bitch about inane shit but this is a whole different ballgame. It's not about adaptation its about misinterpretation. Everything that Eric gets bitched at about from the beginning Bill has already accomplished. Yet Bill's only consequence was turning Jessica and losing Sookie as a girlfriend. I am okay with the show as long as the core is intact and that seems to be hanging by a thread. AB does bring the drama and anticipation, but it has been falling flat on its ass recently. I'm getting really fed up with what can and can't be done on this show depending on who's doing it. However I won't take these summaries as true blue for they are very vague, but they ticked me off. I will keep faith that we are being kept in the dark for a reason.

Alright, it's time to get it together and rationalize. Don't let them see you sweat.

Episode #43 (#4.07): “Cold Grey Light of Dawn”: With Marnie empowered by spirits of the dead, Bill issues an unpopular order to save vampires from the light. Eric embraces his amnesia; Luna discovers Sam’s not the man she thought he was; Lafayette expands his consciousness; Pam gets a body peel; Andy’s date with Holly doesn’t go as planned; Jessica has doubts about her future with Hoyt; Alcide and Debbie join a new pack. Playdates: August 7, 9, 10, 13 and 26.

Episode #44 (#4.08): “Spellbound”: As Bill and Marnie brace for a dangerous midnight face-off, Sookie and Eric pledge their allegiance to the King. Jason is torn between friendship and passion, and Jessica is spurned from two homes. Lafayette becomes the pawn of a tormented spirit; Tommy takes a walk in someone else’s shoes; Sam contends with yet another adversary in Marcus, Luna’s ex and the leader of Alcide’s new pack. Playdates: August 14, 16, 17, 20 and 26.

Episode #45 (#4.09): “Run”: Convalescing after her latest near-death trauma, Sookie envisions a world where there’s room for both Bill and Eric. Jesus tries to purge the restless spirit out of Lafayette; Marcus enlists Alcide to help him deal with the Sam situation; Bill and Nan Flanagan clash over their respective agendas; Hoyt asks Jason to make a delivery to Jessica. Despite Tara and Holly’s misgivings, Marnie plots her next move against the vampires, during a “Festival of Tolerance” event at Shreveport. Playdates: August 21, 23, 24, 26 and 27.

Episode #46 (#4.10): “Burning Down the House”: As all hell breaks loose in Shreveport, Sookie summons her most potent powers yet to save Bill, in the process breaking a spell and leading Marnie/Antonia to re-evaluate her mission. Jason urges Jessica to glamour him for Hoyt’s sake; Terry drags Andy to “Fort Bellefleur” for an intervention; Alcide reconsiders his allegiances after Marcus’ fight with Tommy. Jesus, accompanied by Sookie, Lafayette and Jason, tries to breach the Moongoddess Emporium’s defenses to liberate Tara and Holly, while Bill leads a brigade of vampires committed to blowing the place to kingdom come. Playdates: August 28, 30 and 31.

A Queen Bill pic to ease the tension.

Later Lovers!
11th-Jul-2011 08:40 pm - Eat. Fuck. Kill.
Pam Pumps
It's about that time again!!!!!! Fresh new episode means fresh new bitching!!! I still like episode 2 the best so far but episode 3 is better than episode 1. Where do we start?

Ah...yes. Dazed and confused Eric. Sookie doesn't immediately pick up that there was something very off about Eric this particular night. Infatuated by Sookies's 'Faery Febreeze', Eric gets closer, wanting to sample that wheat, honey and sunlight. Sookie speeds off and then stops when she sees that Eric is no longer in her rearview. He then pops out of nowhere and grabs at Sookie, who makes it out of the car through the passenger's side and runs. Of course she doesn't get too far when Eric catches up to her and she proceeds to punch him in the nose. She starts bitching(barely 10 minutes in and she's already irritating me), I guess thinking that Eric was trying to trick her again.

Sookie we understand that Eric has pulled some shit on you before but geez! Can you not see how out of sorts his demeanor is right now? Sookie get back on your saucy horse immediately. I really don't get what the writers are doing with Sookie. It's like they don't know who they want her to be. I have no care for doormat Sookie or self-absorbed Sookie. I want that independent biatch who's fierce! IMO, the writers make her come off as annoying and then we see a glimpse of that strong woman, but it quickly disappears. They need to get their continuity together ASAP.

After being called 'Snookie' Sookie finally asks Eric what is going on and has him try to recall what happened. After going off on a foreign tangent(which was quite sexy), Eric begins to recount how he got mindfucked by this...

Sookie says she'll help him as long as he promises not to bite her, blah blah blah. You know, Sookie's usual list of demands. Eric tells her that he is grateful to which she replies, "Whatever."

Eric can never seem to get along with Sookie's rug.

Sookie calls Pam I Am while we are treated to another awesome sight.

Pam gets to Sookie's house immediately and she doesn't hesitate for damage control. She informs Sookie that Eric needs to be hidden because he is in danger by the witches who did this. Cue Sookie going on about witches and how this isn't her problem. Pam also asserts that Her Highness set Eric up to go into that coven and that this isn't the first time that he tried to get rid of Eric. Cue Sookie saying it was because Eric tasted her and in a sense defending the Asshat King. Cue Pam's reaction face which is strikingly similar to mine.

We feel it too, Pam I Am. Sookie agrees to look after Eric, but I guess she changes her mind when she goes to see Alcide to try and pawn him off. It was very nice to see Alcide, though it was very short. I guess Sookie was happy to see him too since she was primping that side ponytail of hers. However she immediately got shot down.

Ta-da bitch.

A blonde, sober, Jesus Take The Wheel Debbie Pelt? I'm starting to miss that velcro skirt and bikini top already. Alcide informs Sookie that he and Debbie are back together playing house. Debbie tries to apologize to Sookie for trying to kill her and all and goes in for physical contact. Sookie reluctantly accepts the hug... with a hint of fear. I don't blame you Sookie, the last time you saw this woman, she was sporting a 'Why so serious?' face.

Sookie hurries out, realizing that the year time lapse has slapped her in the face again. Alcide goes after her, but Sookie assures him that she'll deal with the Eric situation on her own. Alcide should be aware that this Born Again Debbie isn't gonna last very long. Credit to the fact that she's off her rocker. I wouldn't be surprised if she and Crystal became BFF's.

Speaking of Crazy Crystal... Jason is in Hotshot looking like this.

I really feel for Jason. He is basically being used to breed for a bunch of inbred hicks, being fed Mexican Viagra. And Addict Andy is too busy trying to run down Sam with his car to put two and two together. Which just shows that anybody can be a damn cop in Bon Temps.

This guy.

Hotshot, please die in a fucking fire immediately.

Meanwhile, Sam and Tommy's storylines go further down the crapper.

To ease the pain, maybe you should visit - http://www.vamps-kill.com/ - Don't forget that hyphen!

YouTube now has blatant staged vampire attack videos to further the hate? Steve Newlin would be so proud... wherever he is... because he's missing - http://fellowshipofthesun.org/

However, the Queen Of The Damned still has that stick up his ass.

The vampire in the video defends his actions by means of entrapment, but Her Highness isn't having it. He orders the death on him. The vampire requests a trial via The Auithority and Queen Bill informs him that he is the authority.That, you are not. Seriously, how much longer do we have to see him playing pretend? The queen is then surprised by a visit from Jessica, who informs him that she cheated on Hoyt. Because if anyone has relationship troubles, the first person to talk to is Bill Compton. He says a bunch of useless shit that is supposed to be perceived as meaningful and at the end of it all, you hear a vampire being executed in the background. Touching. Bill gets it it on with Portia later.

Jessica heads home and seeing Hoyt holding that creepy doll just spells all kinds of wrong. Hoyt asks Jessica why she didn't throw out the doll like he asked her. Jessica replies that she did throw it in the lake. They pause for a moment to soak up the weirdness and Jessica proceeds to tell Hoyt about her recent trip to Fangtasia. Hoyt of course is not pleased and they both begin to argue. Jessica realizes that its all going downhill from here and gives Hoyt the glamour stare. Hoyt catches on immediately, tells her to stop and turns to get away. Unfortunately Jessica catches up with him, Hoyt puts up a fight but it doesn't last for long, Jessica locks eye contact and proceeds to erase it all from his mind. I know folks, VERY fucked up. But mark my words, sooner or later, Hoyt is gonna be made aware that he was glamoured.

Speaking of the creepy doll, look where Jessica dumps it this time. Called it!

The witches aren't too happy with how Eric(who looks Aryan apparently) went BAMF in their coven and want to take action. LaFayette is trying to talk them down reminding them that Eric is not the one to mess with. Marnie's random backbone pops up again and she is pissed with how things went down as well. Defending the practice of their religion, however keeping mum about how exactly she did what she did.. LaFayette ironically retorts that Eric will never forget about what happened.

Laffy does try to take the matter into his own hands, despite Tara and Jesus' objections, and heads to Fangtasia to talk it out with Pam I Am, who was not pleased. We are treated to the Fangtasia dungeon yet again and Tara and Jesus come along with...


Tara catches Pam's attention by pointing a gun with wooden bullets at her. Tara and Jesus tells Pam that they can fix all of this since they are on the ins with the coven. Jesus informs Pam that he is a brujo which sends Ginger into a screaming frenzy. Awesome. Pam I Am gives them 24 hours to deliver or:

"I will personally eat, fuck and kill all three of you."

Pam, you betta werk!

Marnie-Petunia enjoyed her taste of supreme power so much that she could give a shit about her dead bird Minerva anymore. She wants to be a vessel for the other side and wants to welcome the spirit that possessed her into her body. She goes on about how her whole life has been meaningless and she wants that meaning right now. I could of been a contender, I could of been somebody! Suck it Lily.

And just like that, Marnie receives a visitor.

Be careful what you wish for Marnie.

To top off the episode, Eric drains Claudine. However I don't think that this is the last we'll see of her. If it is, that will be very odd.


And that's my rant on episode 3 - Later Lovers!

6th-Jul-2011 04:47 pm - Clips, Pics and Season 4 Tips
Hey there!!!! For those of you who saw episode 4.02 on Sunday for the first time, hope you enjoyed it!!! I'd already watched it so the highlight of my True Blood Sunday was spent parading around in my new Fangtasia t-shirt...

Myself wearing it...

Now that my narcissism is done for today, lets get down to business. :) Before we get down to some Season 4, I HAVE to show you this awesome photo Kristin Bauer van Straten did for the NOH8 campaign.


As we wait in anticipation for episode 3, luckily more videos with new clips have been surfacing for us to sink our teeth into. Thank the lucky stars for YouTube! In this particular 'The Buzz' clip, all the juicy parts are at the end - http://bit.ly/n9JF7S

Okay, first we discovered Amnesia Eric and now we have... DRUNK Amnesia Eric!!! Seriously, he is gonna be a riot this season, not that he never is. How is he drunk, you ask? Well as I mentioned in an earlier spoiler post, it seems to appear that Eric killed Sookie's faery godmother Claudine by draining her. He must of caught a whiff of that vampire crack smell faeries exude. Here's a clip to refresh your memory - http://bit.ly/pvg3Rz It's finger-licking good, isn't it Eric?

However, I don't think that's the last that we'll see of Claudine. A majority of the groups and discussions I belong to believe that Niall, a prominent character from the SSN, is making a grand appearance this season. I really do hope so!

Tara-Toni get Pam out of gunpoint!!!! Save it for Her Highness.

I'm guessing that this is the aftermath of Eric going BAMF in the witch coven. The battle with vampires has begun and its gonna be better than the catfight smackdowns I used to see in the 8th grade. I wonder what role Tara-Toni is gonna play in all of this? Is she gonna be a bi-lesbian-witch? Since it looks like she is staying in Bon Temps, is she gonna tell her hot Asian girlfriend Naomi the truth? She may be too busy learning Laffy's choreography for the victory dance.

Where can I sign up for the Drop It Low contest?

It looks like Jason is FINALLY aware that Crystal is a trash nutcase. I hope that he is able to redeem his storyline so I won't have to drop him off my radar like I did Sam. Watching Jason used to be so entertaining!!!

Then Hotshot happened... and he became fast-forward material. Ain't that right Uncle-Daddy Calvin?

Sam I implore you to get Lady Gaga to work at Merlotte's - Yes she has a history of poisoning people but its no secret that your restaurant is practically a death wish with food.

And that's all for now, Later Lovers!!!

So what does season 4 have in store for us exactly? Tidbits have been floating around and its always fun to try and piece them together. Whatever mindless conclusion you come to. :)

First up - The gorgeous shirtless blonde viking with a fresh bout of amnesia. If you haven't seen the new Eric and Sookie clips, you can watch here: http://bit.ly/jdDudg

As you can see Eric is in a very vulnerable state. The way he asked Sookie, "Would you like to be mine?" says it all. The confused shy smile and the way he covers his fangs is too precious. And its funny how Sookie is still treating him like he's the same old Eric. And of course we get the ever so popular "What are you?" question. We know you're sick of it Sookie, all of us are. Fortunately, Pam I Am comes to the rescue and is sure that Queen Bill had set Eric up to go into that coven of witches. Don't worry Pam, we're right behind you. Sookie on the other hand retorts by saying it was because Eric had tasted her.

Wow, that sounds like an excuse someone else would use...

Sounds alot like Sookie is defending Her Highness. She must be lying to herself because she knows Eric wouldn't hurt her. And based on recent events between her and Queen William, it should be evident that Bill's actions are hardly ever justified. She is aware that Bill made an attempt on Eric's life before because he tasted her. But do you really think that that's was this is all about Sookie? Are you still trying to convince yourself that The Queen Of The Damned wouldn't do anything out of spite or jealousy or just plain contempt? Bill is definitely gonna go above and beyond to write out Eric, but its not because he's trying to protect you. Sookie you of all people should be getting sick of that tune

The evidence is all there. Right before the infamous Rattray Reveal of the season 3 finale which resulted in this...

Bill told Sookie that he would bring the true death to all who have tasted her and knew what she was(Sookie didn't object either). Pam and QSA, may she rest in peace, never tasted Sookie yet they had targets on their backs too. How come Bill never told the Queen Sookie's blood didn't last? Would QSA even want Sookie anymore if she knew the blood didn't work? She didn't want Sookie for her telepathy. And it was really stupid for him to lie to Nan about Sookie because practically all of Bon Temps knows about her abilities. Queen William wanting to off everyone never really made a lick of sense.

Sookie, now is not the time to underestimate Bill. He has a motive. It is evident that Eric is indeed in danger. Like I asked before, what was Bill expecting to happen to Eric when he went into that coven? Bill knew those witches were gonna put up a fight and he knew exactly how Eric would handle things. I'm sure we're all aware that Eric is not the guy to say, "Lets talk this out." No, he was going to take action and Queen Bill was very aware of this. What's coming back to bite him in the ass is the fact that he gave the order for Eric to walk into that coven.

Hey Bill...

Next up,it seems like Jason is gonna have a pretty interesting season, thank goodness. Here is the interview he gave with MTV: http://bit.ly/kDRxNK - Jason might also be involved in a 'surprise romance' this season.

The question on everyone's mind right now is, "Is this mystery girl Jessica?" There were spoilers a while ago that Jessica gives Jason her blood in a later episode this season, which seemed like more than an acquaintance. When has Jason been spending time with Jessica? Well a year has passed in Bon Temps, plenty of things could've happened in that time. I know what you're thinking...

What about Hoysica Hambyberry?!!!!

As much as it pains me to say this folks, I don't see a fortunate future for these two. *Cue creepy doll*

However, Jason and Jessica would be an interesting turn of events(I'd rather see Jessica and Pam as a power couple) but it is really hard to figure what would become of it. Even though Jessica is a haven compared to the scutterbucket that is Crystal Jessica with Jason doesn't really seem any better off than she is with Hoyt right now. Hoyt isn't even a bad guy really. It will be nice to see Jason and Jessica in more scenes with each other to see if they are compatible together. Until then, time to come up with couple names for the two.

There... I attempted to give a shit about Sam today.

That is all for now! Until next time, Later Lovers!
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