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Fudging Sookie! 
7th-Sep-2011 05:58 am
Are you still reeling from Sunday's episode? Because I am!!! We got treated to ALOT of bloody action in ep 4.11 and it was fangtastic! As we left off Viking, Pam-I-Am, BabyBadBitch-Vamp and Queen of the Damned were about to take lethal action against the MoonGoddess Emporium. Bill's grand plan is to blow the place up, Pam doesn't care as long as she makes it to her mani-pedi at four.

Bill is about to let Jessica do the honors when Jason shows up and tells them that Sookie is inside the building along with the others now. The vamps seem to have a unanimous reaction.

Jason is flabbergasted at their response due to the fact that Sookie has went out of her way to help them numerous times. Jason tells Eric that she picked him up off the road and let him stay in her house. Eric corrects Jason by telling him that its technically his house. Jason then tells Queen Bill that Sookie loved him but he just used her as a blood supply. Jason also alerts the vamps to the security spell that is all around the building.

In 5 minutes Jason exhibited better leadership and tact than Bill has this entire season.

Jessica and Jason do the dance of two forbidden lovers but I can't seem to care because Eric is looking so damn HOT!!!

Inside the MoonGoddess Emporium Sookie is getting a dose of the cray cray that is Marntonia... and Roy.

Marntonia tells everyone that the vampires are outside with automatic weapons with a hearty laugh. However it doesn't seem too amusing to everyone else... except Roy. The others ask Marntonia to let them go and as usual she's not really having it. Roy chimes in that its like the Hotel California, you can check out but you'll never really be able to leave. Everyone gives Roy a dirty glare, which means his time is limited.

Casey, in a frantic frenzy, makes a run for it and it doesn't turn out too well.

Marntonia sent a dagger right through Casey's chest and it puts everyone into a even bigger panic. When asked why, Marntonia retorts that Casey was attacking her. Which was far from reality, just like Marntonia herself. But this kind of crazy doesn't have the kind of time to stick to incessant things like the truth... or morality. Then it seems that Marntonia is having spirit glitches again and out comes Antonia. The others don't notice but Laffy does.

Laffy tells everyone that Antonia came out of Marnie's body and the two seem to be arguing. Tara asks how Laffy can see this and she is informed of Laffy's medium ability. I don't think Tara will ever be content with anything supernatural. Antonia tells Marnie that she is done with all of this for good this time and Marnie again says that their 'work' is almost finished. Antonia accuses Marnie of killing one of their own and now her soul is evil. Antonia goes to leave but Marnie won't let her. Laffy is telling everyone this as its going on. Jesus says that Marnie is performing a binding spell and if Marnie succeeds they are in heap big trouble. Antonia is doing her best to fight it off but Marnie wins the battle and takes her back into her body. Laffy informs everyone that Marnie won and they all come to the conclusion that they're FUCKED.

Marnie surprises the vamps outside by sending the two sheriffs she had under her control outside to fight. The very sexy Dupree gets offed instantly(I was bummed that the hot black sheriff didn't make it through this) but the female(who's name escapes me) is being held down by Bill. Eric tells Her Highness that Marnie had complete control over him and the sheriff is of no good to them alive right now. Pam-I-Am however seizes the opportunity to make light of the moment and snatches a vintage Cartier off the sheriff's neck. She assures her that she'll take good care of it.

Inside the MoonGoddess Emporium, Sookie and Holly take the initiative to have a heart-to-heart with Marntonia. Why, I don't know. Marntonia tells them that she has be walked on by people her whole life and that's not going to be the case from now on. Sookie tries to find common ground and says that she knows what it feels like to not belong, blah blah blah. Seriously, why are ya'll even trying with this woman?! Talking it out became completely out of the question right when she knifed someone in the chest. That was some prison yard warfare.

Jesus interrupts by saying that Casey still has a faint pulse and asks Marntonia to let him save her life. Marntonia gives him the green light and he asks Laffy to help him carry Casey into the back room. Once there, Laffy tells Jesus that Casey is pretty much dead, but Jesus knows that. He tells Laffy that he needed a diversion to come up with a way to overthrow Marnie. Jesus says that he's gonna try and tap into his family magic and that its gonna get very ugly.

Sookie and Holly's Oprah approach goes completely down the drain when Bill is heard taunting Marntonia outside. He tells her to face them and stop hiding like a coward. Marntonia grabs Sookie, who seems to be the perfect collateral when negotiating with vampires and heads outside.

Everyone bitches at each other first and it results in the death of the vampire sheriff by way of vampire zapper.

Marntonia finally agrees that she will end this reign of batshit crazy if Bill and Eric surrender their lives. Of course Sookie protests as an initial reaction. Jessica rolls her eyes and Pam-I-Am refuses to even take this offer seriously. To which Marntonia makes a bitch-induced back-handed remark about her lips falling off. However(and expected) Eric and Bill comply.

Sookie again tells them not to go through with this and Bill asks Marntonia if he truly has her word that no harm will come to Sookie. Marntonia says it is so. Queen Bill of course wants to be the one to do the shooting. He says that he will shoot Eric and then Pam(or Jess? Can't remember.) will shoot him. By now as you would guess, Sookie is in tears. Eric gets down on one knee and looks at her and by SKARSGOD panties are dropping all over the universe at this swoon-ridden sight. I really couldn't muster up any sympathy for Bill's corner. To me, he was just some asshat holding a gun.

Pam-I-Am on the other hand, was not having this TRUE DEATH shit and decided to take action.

The vampires survive the blast and Jessica is pissed at Bill for getting her into this situation in the first place. Eric scolds Pam-I-Am for her wreckless actions and I feel bad for her. She just didn't want her maker to die.

Unlike the vampires, Jason didn't hold against the blast too well. Jessica rushes to his aid a gives him some of her blood so he can heal.

Seriously? A massive bazooka blast and NO ONE called the cops?

Meanwhile, Sam is in Marcus' auto shop pointing his gun and ready to shoot. I LOVE gun-toting Sam. He and Alcide want to know where the hell Marcus is and the guy says that all he knows is that Marcus said he'll be back. Then Luna comes in and says that Marcus got Emma from school and she has no idea where her daughter is. Sam tells Luna about Tommy's death.

Marcus is in Alcide's house with 'Too Fucked Up To Care Anyomore' Debbie, trying to convince her to take off with him. He tells Debbie that he can get her off the V and give her a child. Debbie says that she still loves Alcide and turns Marcus down on his offer. Emma comes in and says that she wants to talk to her mother and Marcus tells her that she can't right now. Apparently Luna taught Emma that if you want anything done right, you gotta do it yourself because she went right downstairs and called her mother.

Luna answers her cell, realizes its Emma and frantically asks her where she is. Luna tells Sam that Emma doesn't know where she is and that she doesn't recognize the number Emma called from. Alcide looks at Luna's cell and says that its his house number. The trio rushes off to Alcide's house and some shit is about to go down.

Luna Sam and Alcide make it to the house and Luna is reunited with Emma. Sam tells Luna to take Emma outside while he and Alcide go upstairs. Alcide bursts in on Debbie and Marcus with Sam following behind, gun in hand. Lets do this shit Sam! Marcus tells him that its just a like a weak shifter to hide behind a gun. Sam says that he doesn't need a gun to whip his ass. *ding ding ding*

Sam is beating the crap out of Marcus to the point where he has his foot on his neck. Sam decides to be the bigger person and not kill him but Marcus tries some slick shit and grabs the gun to shoot Sam. But Alcide tackles him and breaks Marcus' esophagus with his bare hands, killing him.

After all the chaos is over, Alcide decides to have a few words with 'I've Done Royally Fucked Up' Debbie. He abjures her from, well, pretty much his whole life. Debbie is devastated and shattered. I'm pretty much sure the batshit crazy is now back in full gear.

You can't say I didn't warn you about fucking with Sam, Marcus. At least you died next to what looks to be a Glamour magazine.

But really, WHO is running Merlotte's?! I'm gonna be non-analytical about this and say its Big John.

Addict Andy, still on his path of detoxification is wandering through the woods suffering withdrawal.

However, his thoughts are cut off when he sees two beams of light in the sky. One crashes down in front of him and it is a fae. She smells the vampire blood on him and tells him to stay away. Andy tells her that he is a sheriff but before he could finish his sentence, he gets zapped.

So that's one fae that's spoken for. But there were two bursts of light in the sky, so where did the other one go? Could the fae that's with Andy now be the real Claudine? So many questions; few may get answered in the finale but the majority will hold over until next season. Either way, we all pretty much figured that the fae would reappear in the much latter end of the season.

Andy comes to with the fae woman lying on top of him. She apologizes for attacking him, saying that he smelled like a vampire. Other than that, she's DTF and ready to get it on. These fae really work fast. She says that this world and these woods are dangerous and asks Andy if he swears to the light to protect her. Andy assures her that he is a man of the law and she will be safe. The two have a quick E.T. moment and proceed to do the nasty. After the whole ordeal, Andy finally makes it home and tells Arlene about his encounter.

Back inside the MoonGoddess Emporium, Roy is still fawning over Marntonia's supremacy.

Marntonia uses Casey's leftover pool of blood as a crystal ball to view the present and the future. The future isn't looking too good.

Marntonia tells everyone that she needs them to convene in a circle so they can get rid of these vampires once and for all. Roy of course is the first to obey, but the others aren't giving in so easily. Marntonia once again tells them that their well being is at stake and they reluctantly join. Sookie is the last to hold out but ends up joining the circle as well. They begin to chant.

Bill, Eric, Pam and Jessica start involuntarily walking towards the vampire zapping security forcefield and Jason tries his best to hod them back. I have to say, it looks pretty hilarious.

Sookie hears Jason outside screaming and suddenly breaks the WHOLE circle and stops the spell.

Pam-I-Am begs Eric to stop being mad at her and tries to explain her actions. Eric tells Pam to get out of his sight before he kills her. OUCH.

Marntonia is PISSED and decides to punish Sookie for her actions. That punishment is a flaming ring of fire.

While Sookie is trapped and screaming, Laffy and Jesus are stirring up some major magic of their own. Jesus, using Casey's blood and Marnie's scarf has tapped into full-on brujo magic. He was right, this is really ugly.

Jesus is able to break the binding spell Marnie has on Antonia and does so. Antonia leaves Marnie's body for good a disappears. Marnie is no longer untouchable and Eric and Bill waste no time taking the opportunity.

Bill and Eric rush into the MoonGoddess Eporium. Her Highness has his gun;since he didn't get to shoot Eric, he can still salvage this evening by shooting the next person on his list. Roy stands in front of Marnie so she won't get shot and Eric rips Roy's heart out of his chest. This is what happens when you have too much fun Roy; Blonde Vikings will rip you from stem to stern.

I admit, I did feel a bit sorry for Marnie at this point. You could truly see the fear in her eyes. But these are the consequences when you blatantly bite off much more than you can chew... you choke.

Besides that, Eric looks SO. FUCKING. HOT. He just ripped out a man's heart and drank from it, I should be petrified, but I really just want to disrobe. My body is ready.

Aware that she is at her end, Marnie spews at the vampires that nothing lasts forever, not even them. Bill aims, shoots and that's that.

And almost as swiftly as it started, the turmoil is over. Sookie stares at Eric and Bill, more whole-heartedly at Eric in my opinion. And I find myself wholly tired of this one-sided love triangle crap. PICK THE HOT ONE!!!!

Finally back home and free from the MoonGoddess Emporium, Laffy and Jesus are in bed together. Jesus tells Laffy that he has a feeling all of this isn't over. Sadly, he's right.

Now that Antonia's gone and she's now dead, Marnie has moved on to the next best thing. And the finale is a Halloween episode(FINALLY) so its gonna be a no holds barred showdown in Bon Temps! This season went by pretty fast I think, maybe because it was better than the fuckery that was S3. Prepare for the finale and thanks for reading - Later Lovers!!!
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